Man Page for Miscellaneous RISO programs

Here are some notes on RISO programs other than bnc, pn, and rq; over there are the notes for bnc, etc. The codebase for all these programs is

riso.render.TextRenderer -- Print a table of probabilities

This program prints a list of values (x,p(x)) for a distribution specified either by a description file or by a reference to a variable in a running belief network. In the latter case, the distribution in question is the posterior of the variable. The range for x is determined automatically by calling the effective_support method of the distribution. The output can be copied into Matlab or some other plotting program.

This program takes these command line arguments. The program processes the arguments, prints a table of values to the standard output, then exits.

    -n npoints     Specify the number of points at which to evaluate p(x). Defaults to 50.
    -f description-file     Specify the name of the file containing a description of p(x).
    -b host/beliefnetwork     Specify the name of the belief network containing the variable for which we want the posterior distribution.
    -v variable     Specify the name of the variable for which we want the posterior distribution.


  jre riso.render.TextRenderer -n 100 -f post.mix

  jre riso.render.TextRenderer -n 240 -b civil/heatcoil -v Tdblvg

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